Forex Money Managers

Forex Money Manager Comparison:

The following listing shows the top money managers of our writemypaperz broker partner Tallinex. The best trading systems are listed first.
Money managers are usually sophisticated automatic trading systems making different profits in different periods of time.
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How safe are the funds?

1. Nitro Cable Trader
Very stable profits for the last 2.5 years. Long term investment


Account Name: Nitro Cable Trader Open Live Account under Nitro Cable Trader
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: EUR
Minimum Deposit: 1000

2. Super Signals
Growing fast since early 2014

Account Name: Super Signals Open Live Account under Super Signals
Performance Fee: 30.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500


3. Smart Mart:
85% growth since 15th of January 2014, very stable profits

Account Name: Smart Mart Open Live Account under Smart Mart
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 3000


Account Name: Open Live Account under ForexBoys
Performance Fee: 50.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 5000

5. London Trader

Account Name: London Trader Open Live Account under London Trader
Performance Fee: 25.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500

6. Aeron

Account Name: Aeron Open Live Account under Aeron
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500

7. Trend Charge

Account Name: Trend Charge Open Live Account under Trend Charge
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500

8. FX Fast Track

Account Name: FX Fast Track Open Live Account under FX Fast Track
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500

9. Pullback Power

Account Name: Pullback Power Open Live Account under Pullback Power
Performance Fee: 35.00%
Account Currency: USD
Minimum Deposit: 500



What is a Forex Managed Account and how does it work?

It’s possible to invest money in the trades of successful traders and successful automated trading systems (called Money Managers).
The trader requires a so-called performance fee. This fee is quite high, but is only paid if the trader or trading system generates profits for the investor.
As an investor, you have to register at a Forex broker. The money managers have accounts at this forex broker, too. The broker provides the infrastructure (trading, deposit, withdrawal, etc.) and to reach customers.

What is Tallinex and how serious is Tallinex ?

Tallinex is the partner broker you need to register with to invest in one of the money managers. Tallinex was founded in 2012 in Estonia and is an “Oü” , comparable to the internationally well known Ltd. CEO of the company is Turkka Tapani Partanen and COO Terry Julius Salo .
You can check the owner of the company here:
Tallinex is registered under the “Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – Register of Economic Activities”.
We (Lasse Petersen) have invested $ 1000 in a money manager (Pips Maker) to prove the concept to our users. We plan to expend this in the long term.
Usually the broker sends you a daily or monthly email containing an overview of your account and investments. In no case you should invest more money than you can afford to lose. If you don’t fear small losses you should start with about $500 to $3000.

Account overview:

With how much money does a manager work?

The Money managers work with different amounts. Often money managers trade with their own private money, too. But usually most of the trading capital is from investors. Often a manager doesn’t want to know the exact amount of money he is working with, because this could create psychological pressure and result in mistakes. They stick close to their technical rules and only invest 2-3% per trade. We only list the most successful money managers that generated stable profits for a long period of time.

How reliable is Tallinex?

You have to create an account at Tallinex before you can invest money in a money manager (professional forex trader).
Tallinex is based in Estonia (EU) and the deposits are held by the Swedish Swedbank.

What are the benefits?

Many money managers have chosen Tallinex, because there are no trading-style restrictions. Hedging, EA (Expert Advisors like robots) and scalping are allowed.

Why is there a minimum deposit and performance fee?

The Money Manager takes a high fee for successful trading, only if profits are generated. The minimum deposit is necessary, because it’s more profitable to work with larger sums.

Is the money tied up?

No, it’s like a fund or something similar. You can always withdraw money.

How safe are the funds?

Tallinex keeps clients’ funds separated from company funds in segregated, off balance sheet accounts at Swedbank. Those are not the funds that can be used by Tallinex at any point, also as Tallinex is registered with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – Register of Economic Activities we are following strict EU/Estonian business rules. Only COO and CEO have access to the account, however external transfers are not allowed anywhere but in to clients’ accounts, withdrawal or use of funds from the off-balance sheet segregated account is considered a serious criminal offense. The activity of our company is closely monitored by the authorities and the bank itself thus the funds are much safer than with any offshore broker. Unlike many other brokerages we also use a very reputable bank which means additional security of funds for the clients.


Do all money managers trade by themselves?

Often there is an automated system. But some managers do manual trading, too.

Which are the Best Money Managers?

The top 3 are Pips Maker, Smart Mart, Nitro Cable Trader.

How transparent are the profits and the trades?

Every money manager has a profile on, showing which trades were made ​​in the past.
Also, you can see which trades were profitable and which were not. This makes the whole process very transparency and honesty : – )

How high is the risk of a total loss?

A total loss is very unlikely, almost impossible. Only a few small trades can be unprofitable.

Is it only possible to invest in these Money Managers via Tallinex?

Often money managers are registered with various brokers to reach more customers.
The money managers can’t disappear with the invested funds, as only the broker (Tallinex) is in charge of the deposits.